Ancient Agora

This used to be the center of political and social life in Ancient Athens.

Ancient agora

This used to be the center of political and social life in Ancient Athens.
It is difficult to imagine that this quiet and green site was once full of buildings and bustling with life and activity: political speeches, commercial activities, public announcements, justice cases, philosophy discussions etc.
The main monuments  are: the Stoa of Attalos, which was rebuilt in the 50’s and now hosts the Museum of the Agora, the Temple of Ifaistus, the oldest Doric temple preserved in such good condition, the remains of the Boulevterion, the siege of the Assembly, and the Tholos, a round temple that was where “deputies” ate and slept.
A piece of marble with a menorah that was found on the site of the agora leads us to believe there was a synagogue there in 3-5th century AD. (you cannot really see any remains now)



Phone: +30 210 3210185, 3214825, 3210180

Cost: €4 reduced 2€; entrance included in the ticket of the Acropolis.



How to get there?

There are 3 entrances: from Monastiraki on Adrianou St. (the street parallel to the train tracks); from Thission on Apostolou Pavlou (the pedestrian street next to the metro station Thissio ascending to the Acropolis) and next to the Roman Agora on Agoi Apostoloi.

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