Shabbat candle lighting times

For Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, and Crete click here,
and choose your city in the city search.

For other cities in Greece not included in the city search, find their latitude and longitude in the list below. Then click here, click on “Choose different location”, then on “show coordinate options” and insert the details.
(The time zone of Greece is +2, for DS- daylight savings, choose European Union)

Latitude/Longitude for cities in Greece

Ioanina: 39n40, 20e50

Ios: 36n44, 25e17

Kerkyra (Corfu): 39n36, 19e56

Larissa : 39n38, 22e25

Mykonos : 37n29, 25e25

Naxos : 37n02, 25e35

Santorini : 36n25, 25e26

Trikala : 39n34, 21e46

Volos : 39n21, 22e56