Anafiotika is actually part of the Plaka district,


Anafiotika is actually part of the Plaka district, it is located higher on the slope, right under the acropolis. It is a unique, beautiful and hidden neighborhood, with narrow alleys, little steps carved in stone, white and blue houses with flower pots… it has an air of the Cycladic islands, as the houses were built by people of the island Anafi (hence the name Anafiotika). It can be a little difficult to find, but it’s totally worth it! You also have a nice view of the city below.


How to get there?

1)      From pedestrian street Dyonisou Aeropagitou (at the feet on the Accropolis), take the inclined Thrasylou St. , which then becomes Stavronos St. (it’s the last street before the walls of the Acropolis site, almost across the entrance of the Museum of Acropolis). When you reach a fork, go to the left, and soon on your left, you will see steps and narrow streets, it’s Anafiotika.

2)      From Plaka, on Adrianou St towards the Roman agora, go up the stairs of Mnisikleous St., until the top. Turn left on Prytaniou St., then right on Stavronos St. The steps and narrow streets of Anafiotika will be on your right.

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