Synagogue Beth Shalom (sfardi): 5, Melidoni St.

Service times:

Friday evening: Mincha at sunset, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday morning: 8:30

Saturday afternoon: Mincha at sunset, followed by Azkarot and Arvit.

Tel: (+30) 210 3252 875 – 210 3252 823

IMPORTANT: Due to security reasons, all visitors have to either show identification

or send in advance a copy of their passport along with the dates of their visit to
Fax: (+30) 210 322 0761 or email . Confirmation is not necessary

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Romaniote Synagogue: 8, Melidoni St. (open primarily on High Holidays)


Yad Lazikaron Synagogue: 24, Vassileos Herakliou St. (in the building of the community offices)

Service times:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:

Shacharit: 7:30 – Mincha & Arvit: 30 min before candle

lighting time.

Friday: Mincha, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat: 30 min before  candle lighting time.

Saturday: Shacharit: 8:00 – Mincha: 1 hour before candle lighting time, followed by Seudah Shlishit and Arvit.

On Sunday mornings, service take place in the Old Age Home (Geirokomio): 83, Kimonos Voga St.


Monastirioton Synagogue: 35, Sygrou St. (open primarily on High Holidays)

Kosher butcher: Shmuel Ben Sasson – Nea agora in the center
Tel: 2310 222171



Synagogue Etz Haim: 29, Kentavron and Kyprou St.

Service times:
Friday evening & Kiddush: 21:00

Saturday morning: 8:00

Tel: (+30) 2410 532 965
E MAIL of the community :

CHALKIS (Halkida)

Synagogue: 35 Kotsou St.

Service times:
Friday evening: 20:00

Shabbat morning: occasionally

Open for visits

Tel:  (+30) 22210 60111

CORFU (Kerkyra)

Synagogue: Velissariou St.
(in the old city)

Services only during Holidays

Open for visits (the key is available through Mr. Raphi Sousis in the store behind the synagogue)

Tel:  (+30) 26610 47777

CRETE – Hania

Synagogue Etz Hayyim: Parodos Kondylaki
(includes a resource library with over 1700 books)

Open daily for visits during the summer months (except Shabbat): 10:00- 18:00

(Note: Services at the synagogue are not orthodox)

Tel:  (+30) 28210 86286

Web site:


Synagogue: 16, Ioustinianou St.

Services only during the High holidays

Open for visits

Tel:  (+30) 26510 25195


Synagogue: 8, Simiou Street and Dosiadou

Services: during the High Holidays.

Friday evening occasionally during the summer

Open for visits, small museum on the premises

Tel:  (+30) 22410 22364


Synagogue: 24, Athanassiou Diakou Str.

Services: only during the High Holidays.

Open for visits

Tel:  (+30) 24310 25834

Synagogue: Xenophontos Platonos and Moisseos St.

Service times: Friday evening at sunset.

Open for visits

Tel:  (+30) 24210 25302