Athens by e-bike

A fun way to visit Athens and let out some energy.

Electric Bike Tour in Athens

E-Bike tours in Athens are the best way to see the city, you get to know the city in 3 hours,
I really like the possibility to go all the family including baby’s, it’s amazing!!!
It’s also very good if you do not have enough time to visit all sites, that E-Bike Guided tours will take you to the most remarkable sites in Athens.

You can choose between 4 Guided tours: Athens in the daylight or Athens by night, whether you prefer a tour with stops or without, either the city or the coast.


With every Athens Eco Bike Tour (except Fast Track) we include for every person, free of charge:

  • eBike hire and helmet |
  • Rainwear if required |
  • City of Athens list of things to do |
  • GPS – Guided audio Tour
  • A refreshment, ice cream or coffee | (not included on the Fast Track tour) 
  • Mineral Water |
  • Intercom system for communication with the tour Leader |

provide with supplement charge:

great accessories for rent, so you can get the most out of your e-bike tour in Athens.

  • Baby/child seat: 10
  • Baby/child carrier trailer: 20
  • Tag-along trailer bike: 20
  • GoPro camera equipment: 15

Discount :

  • 15% Discount for families with 3 kids or more

#1 Historical Athens Guided tour

seeing the sights whilst cruising effortlessly with our e-bikes around the best places in Athens.
Climbing the hill of the Nymphs, there is time to stop and take in the amazing views of the Acropolis, before rolling downhill to AerusPagus and the ancient Odeon of Herodes Atticus. From here, continue through the Dionysiou Aeropagitou Street passing the theatre of Dionysos and New Museum of Acropolis.


** Duration: approx. 3-3½ hours Distance: 9 km
***Prices: Adults (13+) €49, Youth (8-12) €44, Children (2-8) €20

#2 Fast track and non-stop riding tour

This is a tour for those who like to keep things moving and not to be slowed down at every turn! With a more consistent pace and covering more ground than others, they have the chance to pass by and view a lot of the city in a lot less time.


** Duration: approx. 2-2½ hours Distance: 10 km
***Prices: Adults (13 and over) €35Youth (8-12 years) €30Children (2-8 years) €10

#3 The sight of the Sea Coastline Cruise Tour

A tour to make you discover an alternative side of Athens, with a leisurely cycle out to the coast. Enjoying fresh angles on prominent sights like the Parthenon, whilst cruising along bike-friendly routes to find yourself at the Athens Riviera. Following the coastlines, you’ll drink-in the


** Duration: approx. 4-4½ hours Distance: 15 km
***Prices: Adults (13 and over) €55Youth (8-12 years) €50Children (2-8 years) €25

#4 Athens by Night

With the ambiance of the night beginning to take over, the lighting of the monuments and the cooler evening air being especially welcome during summer, this after sunset tour is a great choice for those who want to avoid the crowds and see Athens differently.


** Duration: approx. 3-3½ hours Distance: 10 km

***Prices: Adults (13 and over) €45Youth (8-12 years) €40Children (2-8 years) €15


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