Electric scooter in Athens

Athens and traffic are much time together, there is an amazing solution, an electric scooter, electric scooter can take half of the time it would take with a taxi and half of the cost that would cost a taxi.

Ready to ride an electric scooter in Athens?


There’s a lot of traffic in Athens, with taxi can take a very long time, now you can be independent thanks to the electric scooters this is an amazing solution, the electric scooter can take 50% off from your time and 50% from the cost of a taxi.

Two companies in Athens for electric scooter:

I use both so if I don’t have one I use the other,
Download the app and register with my code and you can ride some minutes for free!



Much safer especially if you never drive on an electric scooter, they have many electrics scooter in Athens more then hive, and to be sure the maximum speed is 18km per hour with Manual brakes.

 For a free unlock coupon, use this link to download the app: 





Much faster with 25km per hour, and there is also an electronic brake but is availability is not as dispersed as the LIME

Join me on the hive, the new e-scooter sharing service and you can ride some minutes for free! Just download the app at ridehive.com/app and register with my code BbGOQVgV.


So how to use it?

The user installs the app on a device (typically a smartphone), on which are displayed all the vehicles available (tracked by GPS) nearby. Before starting a trip, the user supplies payment information. The user then scans the QR code on the vehicle, beginning the trip. To end the trip, the user parks the vehicle then ends the ride through the app. The price of the trip is immediately withdrawn from the user’s credit card. Lime requires every user to take a picture of the parked vehicle and its surroundings, to review whether the vehicle was parked improperly. If any problems were encountered with the trip (like a malfunctioning vehicle) the user can report it through the app.

Should I  rent electric scooter for all day?

electric scooters Cost is 1€ to start and then 15 cents per min, this is worth it only if you want to drive for 1-2 hours, if you really want to explore the city without worries of time and you like to have high-quality & very comfortable scooter it’s better to rent electric scooters from Scooterise The cost is 26€/day,  and if you rent it for more than three days it’s 20€/day.





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