Chalkida is a charming town 80 km north of Athens on the island of Evia

Chalkida is a charming town 80 km north of Athens on the island of Evia (reachable by a bridge), with a rich Jewish history. You can visit the beautiful synagogue there, the ancient cemetery (arrange with someone from the community to open), stroll next to the water on the coffee and restaurants lined promenade, and admire a rare tidal phenomenon: every 6 hours, the water changes its direction, and for 8 minutes, its stands still! You can also check out the statue of a Jewish hero from the Greek Italian war of 1940, Mordehai Frizis. It’s an ideal getaway from the hustle of Athens, combining Jewish history, Greek lifestyle and nice landscapes. You can also visit Chalkida on the way to Delphi. (It adds about ½ hour drive).


Practical info:

Website about Chalkida:

Synagogue: 35 Koutsou St. Phone: (+30) 22210 60111

Cemetery: on Mesapion St.

Statue of Mordehai Frizis: Just after crossing the small bridge from the mainland to Chalkida, you will see a public park on your right. Facing the water, the third one of the row of commemorative statues is that of Frizis.


How to get there?

The easiest way to get there is with a rented car or taxi, the ride is about 1 hours. Take the highway E75 in direction of Lamia (tolls), take the exit towards Schimatari/Chalkida and follow the signs to the city center.

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