3 islands tour

take the organized cruise that visit three of the closest islands in the Argosaronic Gulf.

3 Islands tour

An easy and popular way to get a feeling of the Greek islands is to take the organized cruise that visit three of the closest islands in the Argosaronic Gulf. The cruise offers you music and Greek dances on board in between the islands. If you prefer to visit an island on your own (and avoid crowds), you can visit the nearby island of Egina, with its archeological site right near the port (check out the Hebrew mosaique from an ancient synagogue), the charming old town with its colorful buildings on the waterfront, the Temple of Aphaia on the hill at the center of the island, with magnificent sea views. The specialty of Aegina is its pistachios tress, and you can find there excellent produce. A popular thing to do is to rent a little ATV’s and explore the island at your own rhythm. The other nearby island is the beautiful Hydra, where no cars are admitted and you can only circulate with donkeys. Hydra town has beautiful historical mansions and you can stroll through its steep streets, getting the feel of a Greek   island. You can take a ride on a donkey, ride a small boat to one of the beaches or just relax and stroll in the port and its surrounding bastions.


Practical info:

Many agencies sell the 3 island tour, we recommend Atlantis Travel (Tel: +30.210.5202700). Of course, you can choose only one island and go on your own, taking a ferry from Piraeus.

What to do in Aegina: http://www.aeginagreece.com/aegina/pages/aegina_island_introduction.html

What to do in Hydra: http://www.hydra.gr/en/what-to-see-do/

How to get there?

Ferries Leave from Pireas, check the schedule here: http://www.ferries.gr/greek-islands-ferry/ferry_piraeus.htm or http://www.aktoploika.gr/en/index_ferry_schedules.htm

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