Hello, my name is Nehama, I’m French, my husband is Israeli and we used to live in New York. When we visited Greece in the first time in 2000, we searched the internet for information about the Jewish community, the synagogues etc. in other words, all the information that Jewish travelers tend to search for. We found very little.

When we moved to Greece in April 2001 as Chabad Shluchim, one our first endeavors was to compile in a user-friendly website all this information, which we enriched with time.

During all these years, we learned a lot about Athens, its history, its secret corners… we came to love this city with its remains of ancient history and modernism side by side. Of course we learned the language and slowly came to understand the mentality and culture.

In those 16 years, we have hosted thousands of travelers from all over the world and have helped them not only with Shabbat hospitality and kosher food but also with useful information and advice on where to go and what to see.

In 2011, we opened the only Kosher restaurant in Athens, Gostijo: It was now possible to travel in Athens and Greece without needing to worry about Kosher food and schlepping tuna cans!!!  We sought to develop Athens and Greece as a Kosher-friendly destination. We decided to create this website entirely dedicated to the needs of the Jewish traveler, designed to help him/her in every step of the preparation of the trip in order to make pleasant and hassle-free: we included historic as well as Jewish attractions, useful tips, a shopping section, and more.

Start you trip to Greece by browsing around and enjoy!

I hope you find this website useful and that we will meet you soon in Athens!!!