Opening a Bank Account in Athens

How much time takes to open  the account bank ? Unbelievable but only 5 minutes from your cell phone, without the need of any paperwork, bureaucracy and work slips,

Opening a Bank Account in Athens

Many of business in Athens or visitors of short period of time, get a lot of difficulties for opening a bank account, they requires a lot of bureaucracy, and without a bank account you can’t start anything (rent an apartment or to do a visa),

Nowadays there is a great alternative, a digital bank that has also started working in Greece in the last two years, just need an address in Greece to get the card and you get a bank account, the address can be changed at any time from the app, so you can open such an account very  easily because no need visa To open the account.

Which digital bank is most recommended?

After searching and comparing, we found the third successful digital bank in the world N26 , which opened in 2013. About four years after its launch, N26  is currently active in 17 European countries, and recently reported that it has crossed the threshold of 3.5 million customers with about 2,000 joining daily. So far, is customers have carried out operations of more than 10 billion euros.

N26 is like a regular bank that offers all services on the network, with no branches or interaction with a banker. These include deposits, withdrawals and transfers, account management, ordering financial products, opening savings plans, managing loans, paying bills and more.

Digital banks and digital accounts allow customers to pay significantly reduced commissions on basic day-to-day operations. However, the digital revolution has not yet reached its investment portfolios and securities trading commissions.

How much time takes to open  the account bank ?

Unbelievable but only 5 minutes from your cell phone, without the need of any paperwork, bureaucracy and work slips, just take picture of your passport from the app to verify your identity. And within 5 days the card arrives by mail with free shipping.


Experiment in Banking – No Hidden Fees, No Minimum Account Charges, and No Monthly Charges

So what can you expect to open your account ?

When you open an N26 account, you will receive a real bank account and MasterCard. There is no cost to open a basic account, N26 has a proper banking license – the money in the bank is insured up to € 100,000. Once you open your account you can send and receive money and pay with your card. There is no fee for shopping with the card in any Country in the world, and sending money to other N26 users is instant and free – cheaper than PayPal (they call it MoneyBeam).

N26 recently launched Spaces, a new feature in Epilation that allows you to create additional wallets in your account and arrange your finances and savings, so it is easier to save.

Your MasterCard works like any other bank. And it can also be used as a card for Apple and Google Pay accounts.


The app is really easy to use and every time you use the card, you will be notified immediately on the app. you can easily set limits on maximum daily payment and withdrawal, you can lock your card if you lose it, and reset your PIN. There is also a way to easily communicate with A chat for any problem or question, all from the very handy app.

Use of card outside Europe

With international payments, N26 lets you pay with your card anywhere in the world at no extra charge. The company uses MasterCard exchange rates.

Withdrawing in Europe there is only 5 times a month free and then a 2 euro commission for each time, outside the eurozone there is an additional 1.7% commission , still cheaper than a regular bank commission.

(the N26 black card which costs € 9.90 a month allows you to withdraw money without commission Of 1.7% and as many times as you want anywhere in the world, and there is also a bonus of medical insurance included, only for this need an address in another European country because Lyon they do not send the black card at this time)

Join N26 and see what modern banking looks like.

To open bank account N26


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