Athens travel insurance

We get a lot of emails from travelers about medical insurance when traveling in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Crete, Mykonos, and Greek Islands.

Athens travel insurance

We get a lot of emails from travelers about the important of medical insurance when traveling in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Crete, Mykonos, and other Greek Islands.


1. Medical insurance in your home state does not cover medical expenses abroad, and it is the responsibility of every traveler to have medical insurance abroad, many travelers thinks that the consulate will help them if something happens, but it is not their responsibility, And they cannot pay for medical expenses due to the irresponsibility of going on a trip without medical insurance.

2. Except form Athens and Thessaloniki and the big cities as well as Rhodes and Crete Islands, Hospital are nothing more than a room with paracetamol, any unusual event, even if it’s just a broken leg on a trip, will requires a trip to Athens, which includes a ferry ride or Elicopter, (which costs € 20,000). So even if you have medical coverage, it is highly recommended in case you are an advanced pregnancy or if there is a special reason for more risks, it is better to visit the big cities and wait for your next trip to visit the islands.

Which travel insurance is best for you ?

If you have the option of expanding your existing medical insurance abroad with a good price is probably highly recommended, but according to searches we conducted, the prices of medical insurance abroad are significantly more expensive compared to the insurance of online companies which give much more possibility at cheaper prices, and Noting that there should not be an American or a European to join a medical insurance program abroad and an Israeli citizen can join these programs.

After price comparisons, we have left with two online travel insurance companies on our list, the most popular for short and long trips, the first one is Word Nomad  and the other – SafetyWing . Their prices are very discounted thanks to the insurance sale made directly to the consumer.

Do you really need travel insurance ?

We are also economical and if we believed it was a waste of money we would not recommended. We take additional risks when we travel, just recently we heard about an Israeli who broke The leg in one of the islands on a ATV trip, and did not wanted to be in the hospital because he did not take insurance abroad and traveled with a broken leg to is country.

so since, when we travel we take more risks – which is great! Travel deals with new experiences. But it also leaves us open to more dangers and accidents. You do not want with one mistake to ruin your entire trip, or put you into great debt.

The important differences  between the policies of insurance travel

Both companies offer policies suitable for single trip travel insurance or long-term travelers, and both companies allow you to purchase or extend your mid-trip insurance policy. The truth is that 15% of people in the world buy their insurance when they are already on a trip, which is how the first iterative insurance started when Word Nomad owner went on a year-long trip and after a year wanted to continue the trip but unfortunately he was not able to extend the insurance without a physical presence, so he decided to make a change, That every traveler would be able to extend and shorten the insurance as needed.


Word Nomad is An insurance company for travelers who have been around for more than a decade. most of backpackers who make dangerous trips trust them. They offer 2 programs, Standard and Explorer. They have a comprehensive list of activities on their website to help you determine what coverage you need.



SafetyWing is a newer company.  Their great success is thanks to the technology and evolution of independent work. Like the N26 e-bank that has gained momentum thanks to the fact that it is online and saves a lot of unnecessary expenses. The plan was designed by digital nomads themselves and this insurance is the best coverage at the lowest price, and setting up monthly payments without a commitment and it’s helps a lot to their success.

How much does travel insurance cost ?

SafetyWing specializes in travel medical insurance for travelers with a very attractive price of only $ 6.60 for five days, very lucrative for young customers up to the age of 49

The other company will cost $ 25 for five days, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that Word Nomad charges the same amount whether you are 25 or 65.

SafetyWing is cheaper, and still offers great coverage, until you reach 50. Then the price goes up and gets very close to the price of Word Nomad . Close enough to be worth the little extra you pay and get the Word Nomad’s finer insurance.

Both companies discontinue their coverage at age 69.

SafetyWing is a very good Montana company that will help you when you need it, and the price is really good, so if you’re young (49 and under) and don’t do too many adventurous activities, go for it!

However, if you are over 50 or traveling with expensive items, or looking for more adventure activities so their policies will not benefit you then go for Word Nomad.

Interference trip / cancellation / baggage missing

Both companies are doing a good job of providing quality medical travel insurance. Whether you are on vacation or starting a life of a few months or more,

  • Accident quotas and medical emergencies during the trip.
  • Both offer emergency medical evacuation, which means if you need to move to another country, or to your home state, for proper care, those costs will be covered
  • Emergency dental coverage is included in both programs.
  • Both companies include death insurance.
  • Both policies also include non-medical evacuation involving terror or natural disasters.
  • Both policies cover interruptions or cancellations, lost or delayed suitcases
  • Both companies are easily available by phone or online. They’ll both do everything they can to get you the help you need,

Non of the plans is a regular health insurance plan. They do not cover existing medical conditions, optional cosmetic treatments, tests, preventative care or anything other than an emergency. If you need a policy that covers existing medical conditions you will need to look for something else –  it is significantly expensive,

Of course- you can purchase this travel insurance in pre-existing medical conditions, and you should, but they will not cover your average needs as a result of these conditions.

The big differences between them

  1. The big difference here is that SafetyWing does not cover loss or stolen electronics. Word Nomad covers loss of electronics, within certain limits.
  2. Some activities and attractions listed in the Word Nomad Insurance program, and almost all of the dangerous activities that can be done in the more expensive Word Nomad program, are not included in the SafetyWing Program list


First of all check the list of activities included in each company . You don’t want to be caught without coverage when you try sport or activity.

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As you can see something interesting:

You don’t need to write by SafetyWing the destination country it’s because they have one policy for all world, that’s why they have a very good price because they don’t need to generate a special policy for each country like World Nomads

Also don’t have to write by SafetyWing the date that you end your trip because they give you the ability to just start the plan without knowing the date of coming back, and then when you finish the trip you just disable the insurers online and you will not be charged any more the next month. setting up monthly payments without a commitment helps a lot to their success.


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